Allan’s family has been part of the Parkland County community since the early 1900’s, and he believes that this is the perfect time to take on the responsibility of Mayor for Parkland County. Allan has served on a Parkland County Board and has over 25 years of executive level experience for entrepreneurial start-up companies through to multi-national organizations.

“Running for Public Office has been a passion of mine and I feel that my agricultural background and vast business experience will allow me to understand the concerns and challenges put forth by residents and business owners within Parkland County. I believe that I can bring strong leadership to the county, growing and shaping the regional economy, while also protecting environmentally sensitive areas of the County.”

“I am a proud member of the Metis Nation of Alberta and cultivating partnerships with our First Nations friends is a priority.”

“As mayor, you need to be a leader and team player at the Regional table and build strong relationships with our neighbours and partners.”

“I will bring relentless work ethic, exceptional communication and team building skills, and passionate positive energy to Parkland County.”

Throughout the next several weeks, Allan will be active in the community, attending events and meeting with as many residents as possible within Parkland County.

“I am very mindful of the Alberta Health mandates and will connect with as many people as I can. It is imperative that we are all diligent moving forward from the COVID-19 restrictions, ensuring a safe restart to our economy so that we can prosper together.”

Key Pillars

Residential and Business Development

We will strive to grow our economy through strategic and responsible residential and business investment in Parkland County. We will develop communities with a focus on amenities such as walking and bike trails, community centres, and outdoor fields to accommodate activities. I will engage with our business community to ensure that Parkland County is the preferred choice for existing and new investment in, while creating jobs for residents. We will streamline our development process, decrease the time from permit application to approval, and provide transparency to residents regarding major development projects.We will strengthen our business partnerships with our neighbours and First Nations friends.

Rural Servicing

County road projects and maintenance are a priority to ensure public safety and reduce traffic congestion. I will work with Alberta Transportation and Transport Canada, as well as with our regional partners to ensure that highway projects through Parkland County are prioritized.

It is critical to select and retain internet service providers to provide the capacity, reliability, and the cost competitive for our residents and businesses. Given the recent events, many residents including students, employees, and business owners have been working from home making internet service a very high priority.


We are very proud of our agriculture identity and support growing and evolving our farming sector. We will protect our prime agriculture land and ensure the future of our vibrant farming community. We will be leaders in working with our regional partners and governments to ensure that we are in the forefront of advancing the industry. Farming is a way of life in Parkland County.


We all play a role to protect our natural environment and biodiversity of Parkland County. We will be mindful practicing stewardship for our climate and air, energy, responsible recreation, and water. We will work closely with Alberta Environment for provincial jurisdiction issues. We all enjoy the stunning natural landscape and wildlife in our rural setting, and together will protect our environment for our families and all generations.

Public Safety

We will work together to provide safe and caring communities – RCMP/Bylaw Enforcement response. I will be a strong leader as we together navigate through the current Covid-19 challenges and achieve resilience.

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